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TAG: Liebster Award!

Eli sain tällaisen hauskan haasteen~
So I got this great tag~

To do list

1) Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog. 
2) Give your readers eleven random facts about yourself.
3) Answer the eleven questions from the person who nominated you.
4) Nominate eleven bloggers to receive this award.
5) Invent eleven questions for your nominees.

I'm surprised to be nominated, thank you so much Smaller Places! Everyone should check the blog. <3 And here are those eleven random facts about me!

11 random facts about Uraru~

1- I don't like eating potatoes(overdose of them or so?). Please don't call me Gollum. 8''D
2- My glasses are red <3
3- A year ago my eye doctor said my vision got better but now I have a lazy eye. : I
4- I play my Nintendo 3DS daily. ówò'''''
5- Tortoises look really cute to me <3
6- I don't bake much but I love making home made sushi
7- So looking forward to Halloween~~~!
8- The latest movie I watched was Kingsmen: The Secret Service
9- I like sewing clothes for my dolls
10- Also looking forward to Monster High musical "Boo York, Boo York"
11- I don't wear make up very often(and not much when I do)

The questions I got~

1) What's the oldest item in your immediate environment (room, house, office, up to you)?
- I'm sitting near our living room, there are these really pretty 'antique-ish' drawer pair my mom spotted from recycle center! I don't know how old they are, but they look old and have this nice wooden surface and ornaments in them. We also have lots of stuff around the house which grandma gave us, telling someone else  gave them to her. : D

2) When has a project exceeded your wildest expectations? How?
- I don't really know, since I don't plan that much my projects, I kind of just go with the flow. xD I mean yeah, if I want my doll to have a certain coloured hair, they will get it, but the style comes along the way and the same goes for doll clothes I make. In the end I'm just surprised when I get something done and I'm happy with it. : >

3) Chocolate: white, dark, milk, or none at all?
- Out of the flavours it's gotta be white chocolate! I'm one of those types though who take a piece and leaves the chocolate at fridge after that. I'm not much into chocolate, I like more sour fruit candies and lollipops.

4) If you could have dinner with three fictional characters, who would they be?
- Ahhh this was a hard one! Hmmmmm maybe Arthur, Molly and George Weasley. : D

5) What's your all-time favorite movie?
- It's hard to decide just one~ I like a lot of Disney movies, and the one I kept watching when I was little was The Aristocats. (no wonder I like cats so much!) From the new Disney movies my favourite is Big Hero 6. As I have gotten into japanese culture and their animation, one of my favourites from Hayao Miyazaki is Mononoke Hime, it's really beautiful, but also a bit more violent and scary than the rest of Miyazaki movies in my opinion. Some of my favourite movies with actors are The Crow, Jurassic Park(s), Interview With The Vampire and movies in the Marvel universe(s). : D

6) If you could choose a career other than your actual one(s), what would it be?
- I'm a student right now, when I graduate I'm going to be a designer. This career has many paths to choose from, and I feel like it's mine. If I would have some other career, then maybe something to do with literature and drawing, maybe illustrator for books or so. x >

7) How many cats is the optimum number?
- May the cats fill the world! òwó Well I think if you're an owner then two cats is a good choice so they won't get lonely. After three, there's going to be four and suddenly your home is full of furry friends. xD

8) What is the most versatile tool in your arsenal?
- Anything I can get my hands on! :''D I don't have that many real tools so I improvise a lot, works just fine~ I do have small "long nosed" pliers though and I love them especially if I have thick fabric, I can pull the needle through it without hurting my fingers. I also cut thin wire with my side cutting pliers, sometimes soft & thin plastic too.

9) Winter person or summer person?
- Summer, I love the warmth(Finland was SUPER cold this summer! :''< ) and the colours and the happy mood. But the beautiful and cold spring winter is also one of my favourites, I just am not into ice cold wind or wet shoes and socks, but I like the beauty of it. ^^'

10) What do you most wish you could organize properly?
- Use of my time on things! I do something, then lazy around, continue, do something else, get distracted again.... I have a good concentration, I just sometimes fail at putting things in the right order and end up not doing a thing! : /

11) What do you do to find inspiration?
- I listen to new music, look at art, search for fashion tips, and just relax. Thinking too much usually blocks the mind for me, sometimes I just sit down, get comfortable and turn on the TV and BAM! There goes the TV time, I have to draw this idea! ^u^

Hmmmmmm oK the deal is, so many blogs have already done this.... I'm not so sure which of the foreign blogs I read are active, so if YOU ARE ACTIVE, do this! I would love to read it!
And heyyyy, Finnish folks! If you think you're up to it, go ahead and do this! Make sure to link your post in the Comments section, I would also like to read yours! : >

Eli ei kannata pelätä kirjoittaa englanniksi, päinvastoin, tässä on hyvä mahdollisuus harjoitella kieltä ja tutustua englannin kielisiin bloggaajiin. Go ahead, it's going to be fun! ;D

My questions for the next ones~ 

1) What made you start blogging?
2) Your favourite Disney movie?
3) Tea or coffee?
4) Do you like sewing or crafting things for your dolls?
5) How do you keep your dolls safe? (shelf, boxes, drawer, on display?)
6) Have you been out of ideas for blog posts and how did you solve that?
7) The latest thing you bought related to your doll hobby?
8) How would you describe yourself as a hobbyist?
9) Doll meetings: Have you went to one / would you go to one?
10) Is there an age limit for this hobby?
11) Cake or pizza? ; D

Happy blogging everyone~! <3

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  1. Hi, I want do this Liebster Award :) I don't wear make-up, too :)

    1. Hi Cahan! Go ahead, I nominate you for the Liebster Award! : D

  2. Thank you for playing! Yes, you are totally right about how cat ownership goes: it's possible to stop at two, but not at three.

    I tell my mom that once you have four of something, there's nothing stopping the collection from growing further.

    1. And thank you again for the tag! : >

      Yeah I can relate to that a lot. :''D

  3. Great to read! I love sewing doll clothes too, and look forward to Halloween also (more for my dolls than for me, we don't celebrate it much here in Belgium). It's great that you're going to be a designer, you are a creative person, it suits you! Hugs xxx

    1. That's lovely to hear Linda! ^_^
      It's not a big celebration in here Finland either, only chance to spot some Halloween-ish activity is maybe at our capital. :''D Young folks like to have Halloween parties though! And I just love to dress up myself and my dolls. :''D
      Thank you so much Linda! ówò

  4. Onpa kiva blogi! C:
    Tämä Liebster Award on hauskan kuuloinen! <3
    Liityin lukijaksi, haluaisitko käydä kurkkaamassa minunkin blogiani

    1. Kiitos Allison! : >
      Jos haluat ottaa osaa Liebster Awardiin, niin kokeile ihmeessä!
      Kurkkasin blogiasi, siulla on tosi suloinen pullip~ Se leipomis postaus oli hauska. : D
      Liityin lukijaksi. ^w^